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2017 World’s 500 Most Influencial Muslims

Mhh 9ja  |     November 16, 2017  |     0  

2017 World’s 500 Most Influencial Muslims

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2017 World's Most Influencial Muslims_Muslimhiphop9ja

2017 World’s Most Influencial Muslims

The 2017 edition of the must-own book about the movers and shakers in the Muslim World is now available.

In just over 7 years The Muslim 500, and its complementary website, has become the world’s premiere source for a listing of the World’s most influential Muslims. And with each edition the annual publication increases its scope and depth.

The Muslim 500 - 2009The Muslim 500 - 2010The Muslim 500 - 2010The Muslim 500 - 2010The Muslim 500 - 2010The Muslim 500 - 2010The Muslim 500 - 2010

– 2017 Edition –

What’s in This Year’s Edition?

  • Our distinguished Chief Editor, Prof Abdallah Schleifer, writes his annual Introduction about the major events that have affected the Muslim world. This year, he writes about the evolution of the modern takfiri-jihadi movements, including DA‘ISH.
  • We have our authoritative ‘House of Islam’ section which outlines the major schools of thought influencing the Islamic Tradition.Traditional Islam
  • We then have our annual list consisting of:
    • Ranked Top 50
    • Honourable Mentions
    • The 450.
  • We are very pleased to have ten timely articles in our Guest Contributions section. Our guest writers are:
    • Imam Zaid ShakirMuhammad Ali: A Humble Mountain
    • Rupert Sheldrake, PhDSetting Science Free From Materialism
    • Prof Abdelhaq M Hamza and Dr Karim MezianeCrescent-Visibility and Hijri-Calendar: The Limitations of Mediocre Erudition
    • Dr Azeem IbrahimHow Close are the Rohingya in Myanmar to Mass Genocide?
    • Dr Robert D CranePolitical Islam: Can It Be Reformed
    • Sohail HanifBuilding Communities with Zakat
    • Faisal KuttyDo All Lives Really Matter?
    • Shenaz BunglawalaEuropean Muslims, the Migrant Crisis and Reflexive Prejudice
    • Muddassar AhmedThe Increasing Importance of Investing in Soft Power Resources
    • Dr Ali Khan MahmudabadIntimate Enmity: Sectarianism in the Muslim World
  • We have our annual staff compilation of Issues of the Day, which briefly covers pressing contemporary issues
  • We have a Major Events Timeline which lists important events that have affected Muslims over the past 12 months
  • We have two Appendices: Appendix I showing world and Muslim populations, and Appendix II giving us a list of leading Muslim social media users, and another list showing leading users worldwide.
  • Finally we end with our Glossary of key terms and the Index

    • Visual: To give a richer visual understanding of the Muslim world we have increased the number of photographs. We have also included several calligraphy pieces throughout the book, which we hope will serve as a beautiful reminder to pause and reflect as you go through the book.

  • New Names: We have added dozens of new names to the list. With a pool of over a billion candidates from numerous fields of endeavours, there are literally hundreds that are close to making the list in any given year. This year many have crossed the line, mainly due to their recent work. To make it easier to find who they are, there is a ‘Summary of 450 New Ins’ section listing all changes.

How Much?
Although we put much effort into making the print version greater than before, we still offer the same exact content on a FREE pdf version at http://themuslim500.com/download which was added to our site today so you can download the 2017 Edition this very minute. You can also view the contents on our website: www.themuslim500.com
There are also two options for purchasing the book:

  1. High Resolution PDF: We have created a high-resolution PDF of our issue that is available for purchase for just $4.99, which is perfect for you if you have an iPad, Kindle or other tablet as you can see all the images in a very sharp resolution.
  2. Pre-order Hard Copy of the book – We anticipate that the hard copy will be with us in 2-3 weeks. We have a special 2 week pre-order price of $24.95 (plus postal charges), after which the book will be on sale for $29.95 (plus postal charges). Purchase Here

What You’ll Learn 
In this book you will learn more about:

  • Who are the scholars, teachers, and preachers who affect the widest number of Muslims?
  • Who are the main Muslim politicians who get things done in the domestic and international realms?
  • Who run the largest religious educational systems that affect the next generation of Muslims?
  • Who are the top Muslim business leaders who help keep economies growing?
  • Who are the Muslims donating millions to charities and who runs the largest of Muslim-based charities?
  • Who are the Muslims initiating changes on the ground that affect health, education, women’s rights, the environment, human rights, and conflict resolution?
  • Who are the top Muslim scientists, artists, celebrities, sports stars?
  • Just how influential are these radicals that dominate the advertising-sponsored news and help keep a huge military-industrial complex moving?
  • Who were the major Muslim figures who died in the past year?
  • Who are the Muslims whose influenced has increased over the past few years, rising up to the top 500 this year?
  • And much, much more.

If there is any year to buy a copy of The Muslim 500 then make it this historical year.


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