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Islamic Afro Hip-Hop

SuperBow – AliSen6 | Official Islamic Music

Mhh 9ja  |     August 12, 2021  |     2  

SuperBow – AliSen6 | Official Islamic Music

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SuperBow – AliSen6 | Official Islamic Music

SuperBow - AliSen6-Mhh-9ja-Muslimhiphop9ja

AliSen6, the amazing RnB and AfroTrap sensation, has released Superbow, a new hit tune. A lovely song with an old and uplifting message.
I can’t always pray five times a day, but I can always pray to God, Yah Allah, for blessings and mercies. I learned my lesson the first time I failed. You were my medicine when I was sick. Nobody likes a poor nigga, but you’re my kind.

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SuperBow – Alisen6 Lyrics

Ahunzubilahi Mina shaytoni rojeem
Bismilahi rahmoni roheem
I go by the name Alisen6

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My head
My shoulder
My kneel
My to tow
When I bow
Is for you Allah….
First time, this is my first time
I’m not doing freestyle
But I swear to God I no wright am

Hook… SuperBow SuperBow
Bow bow bow
When I make I SuperBow
Allahu Akbar
SuperBow SupouerBow
Bow bow now
When I make a superbow
Allahu Akbar

Baba gbo adurami
Coz I want enough blessings
Oh yo yo youe
Baba Gbo adura mio
For this life of I don learn lessons
Oh yo yo yo

Sometimes I gat to stand
One night
Sometimes I gat to fast
Many times I cannot stave five times daily
I can pray to God
Yah Allah give blessings
When I fail one time I learned my lesson
When I fell sick you’re my medicine
Nobody love a broke nigga you’re my person

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Verse ….

I’m ah one like a two okunrin ogun
Mo maun deruba esu
I don pay all my dues yah Allah make you bless my tunes
I’m a Yorubad too
Before you wicked put myself in your shoe
In your shoes na
I’m a Yorubad too before you wicked me put yourself in my shoes
Koja si owo isaja isaja kioja si ola
Oh oh oh
Kioja si ola isaja isaja kioja si ola
Yasin Yasin Yasin Yasin bami yasi mimo oh
Bami yasi mimo oh
Yasin Yasin Yasin bami yasi mimo oh yeah

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Repeat chorus & Hook

Outrow till fade….

Imma praying for divine
Vine Vine
Na money I dey find find
I’m praying for divine
Humble Dan praying for divine
Vine na money you dey find… find
Owo baba baidoh you’re praying for divine
Omotosho you praying for divine
Lascot you’re praying for divine
MHH 9ja ja ja ja
We are praying for divine now now
Miss binta you’re praying for divine


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