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when a times people are praying that may we never in any shape or form be into an unreturnable journey, and may we never be unfortunate in life in the course of our movement and steps to get our daily bread, i will advocate with this my short story that we use all the living strength in us to claim it by saying Amen.


I was privileged to be one of the artistes in the last year’s Lagos fiesta. Out of the five shows, I am done with three, EPE’s was the fourth one which i went there to perform and i was ultimately appreciated by the audience. I felt so much exhilarated and deep down in my heart, I know am building something.

I left the stage in an exultant mood, I dashed out of the stage and realised the time was 8:45pm and still that night, going to Ikorodu.
Fortunate enough, I budded a cab quickly as i got to the outskirt of Epe going to my destination. I jumped into it, i entered the back seat, met a passenger beside the driver and me at the back seat, making us three(3) altogether.
The driver was driving averagely and suiting my need to get down to Ikorodu on 80km/hr.
Suddenly, in the course of the journey, before we reached Ketu Epe (a town along Ikorodu road), we saw a small barricade positioned on the road, the picture of the barricade seemed not of the police, army nor any security agency. The driver was already out of himself as he is shivering, fright written all over his face, matched the brake hard, then the almighty voice we heard next was stop! Stop! Stop! , I told myself that muba “you don enter am, ti e ti ba e,” asking my self ‘is this how i will end my life?’, ‘Is this how the big future am dreaming of will be jeopardised and cut short?’ And most prominently running on my mind was “is this how you will fulfil your aspiration with your father who has suffered much on you?” Then i started ruminating all useful(at that moment) crammed verses of the Qur’an (as a muslim).
I told the driver that this threatening voices are probably of the thiefs, he admitted and shocking enough, the driver out of fear does not know what to do again. I proposed he should reverse as am helping him to change the gear from the back seat which I was. This fierce member moved closer to us much than expected and they started shooting at the car (evasively at us). I do nothing again, just laid down between the front and the back seat while the unknown guys continued with the shooting, the driver gave up straight away in the course after a dose of bullet, leaving me and the other passenger alive .
The drama continued for like ten (10) minutes, when these guys realised that no more voice was heard, they moved closer and dragged me and the other passenger out of the car.

 In this, my white shirt was tore off and we were dragged down to the bush.

_Don’t forget all this was set in the night oooo_
My dear reader, am optimistic that I have my God, at the same time am begging for forgiveness over all my sins thinking that’s my last touch of this world.
On getting to the bush, I realised how hugely armed the two guys that were holding me were. After some minutes, I noticed a car looking like that of a police type, I then thought that if at all I would be killed, I will make the move by trying the luck of running maybe I will scale through. I undressed my shirt. The other guy holding me asked what am I trying to do, I replied him ‘nothing sir’ (with respective tone).
I started running as I got the chance which infuriates these guys and their leader started telling them and shouting “shoot! Shoot am”. As I heard the sound /sh/, to the experience I had gained from chakie Chan’s movie, I remember to run in a zig-zag style.

 Seriously, I couldn’t get the bearing of life again as all the incident to me was just like a dream not until the time I got down to the main road then I realised am conscious enough which could differenciate the present as to the state of mind I was some minutes to that time.

I tried to sit, thinking am sitting nearby the bush (not even knowing am sitting on the edge of a bridge).some minutes later I shrugged and my legs slipped which eventuated me to fell which I got wounded thoroughly and fainted for close to 18 minutes.

Full of great fear and anxiety with fast high beat of pulse, I woke up and thought of jumping across the bridge which to my dismay, my hands was reaching the middle of the thickness of the bridge, my hand couldn’t reach the top of the it, the bridge is taller than I do.
I tried looking for a way out under the bridge, I thought of even staying there till the following morning, I found a tree and mounted over it , the tree helped me up.

On getting back to the main road, I saw cars passing by, I waved at them which None looked into my side nor slowed down. I continued to run until I reached a small community with electricity, called MOLAJOYE.

On getting there, I remember the very community is close to the Epe police station then I started calling the RSS number for not more than 20 times then I moved on knocking on doors for help. At that juncture, I submitted that our government is just wasting the nation’s treasure on the police as they have got nothing to render than for them to tender unresponsive hears to the populace.
As I was knocking different doors for help, unknown to me, each eyes of that community has been beckoning and calling each other. In a short while, all I could see was All assembly of touch like that of the FBI, each of the holder holding with them a cutlas each.
Other than my trousers covering my nakedness, nothing else was on me which fully guaranteed the assertion of the community that am nothing but an armed robber. As I was trying to explain to them that I am not a thief nor armed rubber that I was attacked by kidnappers, my voice got off and became inaudible again.

To prove my identity to them, I started bringing out my my ID cards which gave them a relieve over my identity and personality showing to them that am a student and A Musician.

I beseeched them to please let me sleep in one of their houses which they turned the request down, telling me that their Baale (the head of the community ) was not around.
They asked me to call one of my family, then who should I call? If I could call my dad, I don’t want to add to his sore or give him high blood pressure over me. I put a call straight to Mr. Ola oladele (a renowned Yoruba movie and TV program editor) in ikeja and Mr. Ayo Mojoyin(an entertainment personality), narrating the story to them on the phone conversation.
I made it known to him(Ola oladele) that if he failed to show at the place, my life is at stake. I later on called them not to come because of the rigidity of the hour then and nature of the month(Dec.30th). They filled me up with phone calls each hour.

With this my show of virtue, this people of the community believed me and do not allow me to sleep in any their houses, not until a while a woman came out holding a mat and a bench, asked me to sleep under the bench and she placed the mat on it so that no one would realise that someone is underneath.

I could not sleep, all the happenings of the night was thick and clear on my sight, with fear holding up my heart.
By around 4:05, I heard the first call of morning prayer.
By 4:30, I walked up to one of the occupants of the house of which I slept at the front over the night for a kettle of water that am a muslim.

After I finished the prayer, the community leaders came out to address me and gave the synopsis of their protocol in the area. They told me they do sleep in that community by 6pm in the evening.
If someone met me on this very day, their mind will be like ‘ almubarak ti ya were’ that is Almubaraq has now turned to a madman.
I know my mouth can not say it all but Amdallah for the safe of life and preservation to witness another birthday.

Written by @samad_k2

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