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The Islamic Perspective About Jinns

Mhh 9ja  |     March 16, 2018  |     0  

The Islamic Perspective About Jinns

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Bismillah Rahmon Rohim.

The jinns are spiritual creatures unlike human being created by Allah for the purpose of worship in these world( Qur’an 51:56). They are created through smoking flame or scorching fire and by such has a fiery nature which distinct them from man created from mud or clay (Qur’an 15:26-27). They have supernatural powers as they can transform into any kind of creatures and most are dangerous to human being. They are also physical in nature like shaitan who can transform to anything because he was also from their family and indeed the head of the jinns.

They are of two types. The bad ( kafirun ) and the good ( Muslim ) ( surah jinn:11). The bad ones are servant to shaitan as they worship and control the world with him while the good ones worship Allah and poses no danger to humans. Therefore the bad ones can also be referred to as devil. In other to know that some of the jinns are also believers, let’s read Qur’an ( 72:1-2 ).

The jinns are invincible to the naked eyes and can be seen or found in places like empty buildings, trees, refuse dump etc. They can possesses human being especially when one disturb them by urinating or spitting on them. However, since we can’t see them, it is expedient to do everything with caution and modesty.
They also possess trees, animals,idols among other varieties of things.
They possess the idols by making us feel they exist. So whenever someone asked something from it, it might happened immediately or later when needed. This is nothing but the kafir jinns doings, all in the means of leading people astray.


Their male jinns can be in love with any woman using heavy perfumes, having a long hairs not covered, woman with intense beauties and the indecent dressers. They can also marry with humans and have kids but it is forbidden in Islam.

In many aspects of their world, we are quite similar. As they eat and drink, they also have children and die. However, their lifespan is far greater than ours. Indubitably the reason why they know the past than us. They also have the freewill to do as they pleases. In addition, they will also be sanctioned and held responsible for their deeds on the day of the judgement like human beings.


Since most of the jinns are servant to shaitan, they played a vital role in leading people astray. These are some of the ways in which they lead human being astray

1. Every human being has a jinn in them called ” qareen “. He knows everything about us because he was born with us. What we are thinking, how old we are and what we love doing among varieties of other things. The qareen is also the one that whisper bad thinkings to us in our heart. But Prophet Muhammad ( pbuh ) was free from his qareen. So whenever some people visits the herbalist or priests, Without divulging their information, they will actually know why they came visiting through their qareen. They have a way of communicating with them without us knowing. But it is mostly done through the means of telling us to stretched our hand to them. By this medium, they are able to communicate with our qareen and  perceived fully our purpose of visit.
However, when we noticed they have accordance with our predicament without telling them ourselves, we believed they have some supernatural powers which will hereby induced us into relying on them and doing anything we were told to do. These normally induces people into placing their beliefs on whatever they derived from them, automatically diverting their belief from the right path of Allah. Hitherto, the main reason why Allah is strictly against visiting the fortune tellers or priests for any consultations of our life.( Qur’an 5:90 ).


2. Another way is through the trading of our soul with them. By engaging in this, one has thus agreed to their terms and conditions. Which literally means automatically diverting away from Allah to shaitan. Anything one asked for would be provided, be it riches, bounties, fame, name etc. Thus, finally making such a person a slave to shaitan since he is their leader.

This statement could be traced to world celebrities like hiphop artistes, footballers, film actors, politicians etc who joins Illuminati group to sell their soul to be celebrated around the world and get famous.
Obviously, we know the return or final abode of such kinds of people on the day of the judgement. They would be among the sects of people to be used to kindled the fire of jahanam. May Allah swt in his infinite mercy save us from such torments. Ameen!

3.. Another way is through fake vision in other to distract people to the wrong path that leads indubitably to destruction. Some people claimed to be having vision by hearing and seeing things beyond the spiritual realm. However, as a President to a drug free club here in Nigeria, we were thought to understand that having vision is an hallucination and it is a symptom of schizophrenia. Without a doubt, those hearing voices are nothing but a schizophrenia affected set of people that needs a quick medical attention or a strong religious deliverance before it’s too late.

Research also indicates that countless number of vision by some religious practitioners has being the most easiest and cheapest means for leading people astray in this world. After being fooled by these visions, they became possessed and begin to talk from their voices claimed to be the tongues of the Angel….subuhanollah.


As a Muslim, we shouldn’t belief in anything vision as it is nothing but an act of shaitan. Some people do claimed to have seen Allah and prophet Muhammad ( pbuh ) In their dreams or heard their voices. All these are not possible, so we should stop getting hits by such utterances. Shaitan is responsible for these hallucinations. Because of these, Qur’an is a guide for us already. Anything at all we need to know to be free from the hidden Allies of shaitan is there. A guardian to the doubting mind and a proclamation to mankind. Let’s imbibe in it’s reading and we shall continue to know the way to salvation.

4…. These jinns also takes the form of our dead people, parents, relatives and tries as much to convinced us that the soul of the dead ones can still mix and communicate with the living people on earth which Islam is strongly against. The Yoruba people call this akuudaaya( living ghost or dead). There is actually nothing call akuudaaya, it is nothing but the work of the shaitan jinns to spread rumour or to lead people astray. That is why the prophet forbids us from bathing nakedly. As through this, the jinns will be capable of having our full image, which they will be able to use to perpetrate such acts after our death.

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Allah has given the jinns powers that he has not given to the humans. It is vividly explained in Qur’an,  such as the power to move like a lightening, power to transform into any psychically thing or creatures etc. ( Qur’an 27:39-40). They also have the ability to take over the minds and bodies of other creatures even though they are prohibited from doing such.

However, only a malicious or a wicked jinn would attack humans without a tangible reason. However other reasons include fallen in love with a lady due to shabby dressing or beauties. They are also attracted to a Lady using heavy perfumes. Another reason is if we offend them or attack their families, they wont hesitate attacking us too. We can offend them or their families if we split on them, pour water on them or the likes….That is the reason why prophet Muhammad ( pbuh ) warned us to do all those acts with caution and not to loiter during the dark in places where they resides like graveyard, toilet, places abandoned or market place among others.

Moreso, majority believes the jinns Has the power to know the future or the hidden which is actually not so. Only Allah swt has such and such powers. Had it been the jinns has such powers, they would have known immediately prophet Sulaimon ( A.s ) died on his throne with a staff in his hand while monitoring their work. Was he not there for many days before he later fell down and they perceived he had been dead long ago?  Weren’t the jinns working persistently in fear of being punished by Him if they slack in their responsibility, not knowing he was long dead?

If actually they knew the future, they would have had accordance of his death immediately he died. Allah Akbar. Allah himself killed prophet Sulaimon miraculously for us to understand this great fact.

Even though the jinns had much power before the advent of Prophet Muhammad, it was actually reduced when he was born. During those period, the jinns were allowed to go deep down the last heaven and eavesdropped on what the angels were discussing among themselves told to them by Allah. With what they heard, they would come back to the earth and changed a great deal of things that were put in place already. Hitherto, which makes it look as if they know the future. They also spread rumors on earth and misled people with it.

However, all these were curbed during the advent of Prophet Muhammad ( pbuh ) as they were prevented from eavesdropping from the angels through the use of the shooting stars. This hereby made it hard for them to know or change the future again (Qur’an 15:17-18).



According to an hadith reported from Muslim, they do eat and drink. The Muslim ones do eat pass by bones, food droppings etc. While the kafir ones eat animals, dungs, bones etc and also drink blood. They also eat with us especially when we eat with our left hand or forget to say bismillah. This statement could be traced to a true life story or movie called ” eran iya Oshogbo” where people eating near a devil goat don’t use to be stomach filled or satisfied because everything they are eating is directly to the stomach of the goat. Subuhanollah!



The shaitan jinns that harm human being are so many and are not easy to be numbered. However they are divided into various sects having millions of  jinns under the control of a king. They are mostly used by the magicians and sorcerers for their wrongdoings. However, for them to be more powerful, they have to bring the king of the jinns under their control by entering an agreement with him. By this, many jinns will be subservient to them. We have various incident of people using jinns to carry out their evil task but there will always be a clause in their life. Clauses that arises from the agreement they have entered with the king of the jinns. But normally, it will be to go against the rule of Allah like sleeping with camels, messing wrongly with the Quran, using human being for sacrifices annually among other menaces.
Even the kingship of the jinns is mentioned In surah namal:34



If a person however becomes possessed, then only the name of Allah can be used to expelled the jinn. These method is known to as exorcism in Islam practised by some learned people. However, it entailed different supplications and duas thought by prophet Muhammad ( pbuh ).
In addition, we must know that not all exorcists are believers, majority are non- believers. The non- believers exorcist uses other names different from Allah to expelled the jinns from such a possessed person’s body and yet the jinns will comply. The reason is because, the jinns wanted us to believe that, not only Allah’s name is powerful to them so as to lead us astray. so we should be very careful of whom to relate to when our people are being possessed by the jinns.


One important thing we should know here is that we are somehow superior to the jinns and it is possible for us and our families to be free from them if we hide under the tenants of Islam and prescriptions of prophet Muhammad( pbuh ) which includes

1. Making dua before stepping into the toilets or bathrooms.

2..abstaining from being in a state of impurity for a prolonged period of time.

3.. Performing our solaah five times daily coupled with appropriate nafilahs .

4.. Making zhikr by remembering Allah constantly as the heart with Allah can only knows peace.

5.. If however confronted by a jinn, recite the following
Awhunzu billahi mino shaitanni rojim….
Lahawla wala quwata illa billahi aliyu li azim…

6..Also remember reciting thrice the last three chapter of Qur’an. Nas, falaq,alaq with ayat- qurishiyu before going to sleep every night..

7… Also reciting daily, four pages of surah- albaqarah hinders shaitan and the jinns from entering our house.


To know more about the jinns and other unseen creatures of Allah, we need to learn Islam properly. We also need to Learn how to seek refuge with Allah from the evils of the jinns (Qur’an 97-98). Qur’an is also there for us as a guard and let’s not forget that if we stand by the words of Allah and that of Prophet Muhammad ( PBUH ), no evil shall befall us in sha Allah. Like Allah said in Qur’an (7:27) that the shaitan and his allies are watching us from a position where we cannot see them, which backs it up that the jinns are real.

Almighty Allah will continue to guide and protect each and everyone of us from the evil that walks and rallies around us on earth. Ameen.

BY Saliu Abdul lateef ( Timmynasheed )


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