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Islamic Afro Hip-Hop

Deen squad (Jae Deen) – Quruxda Geeska (SOMALI ANTHEM LYRIC VIDEO)

Mhh 9ja  |     July 10, 2021  |     7  

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Jae Deen – Quruxda Geeska (SOMALI ANTHEM LYRIC VIDEO)

After a year of studying the Somali language, Jae Deen makes a comeback with a whole new different direction of music, Somali style with a twist of Afrobeat. “Quruxda Geeska” translates to “The Beauty Of The Horn” which talks about Somalia and various Somali cities as the Horn Of Africa. “Quruxda Geeska” is also the first single from Jae Deen’s first solo project “The Guest Of Somalia” this album was inspired after receiving so much love from the Somali community worldwide from Jae learning the Somali language and making a trip to Mogadishu, Somalia in Ramadan 2021.

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This song is only the beginning for Jae Deen’s new path. Enjoy this timeless song. It is for the Somali people but the entire world can dance along!

Song Written By/Erayada: Abwaanka Abdirahman Fiili (Main Writer)
Melody/Laxanka: Jae Deen
Song Mixed/Mastered By Rambo

“Quruxda Geeska” Performed By Jae Deen 2021 – Jae Deen Inc

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  1. Abas Ibrahim - Jul 11, 2021

    This man should get more views walhi you don’t know how days he was learning our language to drop this banger

  2. IsMe Salazinho - Jul 11, 2021

    Love from Canada wadankeyga wanuxisay 🇸🇴🇬🇭

  3. Jaden Mehmet officiel - Jul 11, 2021

    From JABUUTI 🇩🇯 we love Somali people 🇸🇴

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  5. Khaled Said - Jul 11, 2021

    Do more songs like this, and I hope you can ft Somail singer and I’d be much

  6. derrick mutuma - Jul 11, 2021

    Lots of love to Somalia from Kenya. Beautiful song.

  7. Khalifa Hassan - Jul 12, 2021

    Jae of life.. keep making jae’s family proud

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