Black And Beautiful – Timmynasheed

[Music] Black And Beautiful – Timmynasheed

black and beautiful - timmynasheed_feezyking

[MUSIC] Black And Beautiful – Timmynasheed

Black & beautiful is the first circular RnB music from timmynasheed who usually sings Islamic genre of music…. It was motivated from the ” black lives matter ” protest going on around the global world and went strictly against white supremacy…… It also diverse by making us understand that no one is better than the other except on our level of piety and closeness with our creator.

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Injustice everytime
Is a threat here and there
A threat here and there
Sends calmness away

The massive are getting poorer
The rich ain’t safe no more
What we see is pains
Things are not the same

Would u believe 2ce
Despite enough for all to solve ( hunger, raping, corruption )
Some are still tryna bossy around
Proving white supremacy

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I’m black, am beautiful
I am beautiful, am black
I’m black, am beautiful
I’m proud of my lineage

I’m black, am beautiful
I am beautiful, am black
I’m black, am beautiful
I’m proud of my colour

Violence no more
Hatred no more
Brutality no more
All what we need is love

I’m black, am beautiful
I am beautiful, am black
I’m black, am beautiful
I’m proud of how I am made to be

Verse 2

Black and brown around the world are angry
Coz our brother’s situation shawty disheartened

feelings of hatred when they near a white man
Feelings of oppression and being disliked

Having no right
Having no right
With the fearness of been kill
With a lie trailing after one’s death

Oh oh hooo hoo
It’s a pity
Nothing ‘ nothing
But a stupidity

Why is it to them
A dog is better than me
Yet the same blood runs in our veins
We eat in the same
We shit in the same
Oh oh oh ooooooooooo

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Repeat chorus

Verse 3

No no no colour
Is better than the other
Coz we all find our source
From the same creator

Whether you are white
Fair, brown or black
Nothing else matter
Our taqwa( piety ) matter

Adam is our father
Our mother is hauwa ( Eve )
They are from God
So we are one

Black live matters
As other lives matter
For the sake of humanity
Let’s stop oppressing

For the sake of all
Let’s stop hating
Oh oh hooooooooo

Being black is not a crime
Coz black is beautiful
Being black is meaniful

Repeat chorus


It’s Timmynasheed
From Nigeria
What we want is peace and love for the world


  1. This is a beautiful piece. May Allah (swt) bless you Bro. I have listen to humble request too

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