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Afrimax story

A Man Who Spent 23 Years Playing With Kids Shocked Everyone

Mhh 9ja  |     July 7, 2021  |     6  

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EXTRAORDINARY STORY: A Man Who Spent 23 Years Playing With Kids Shocked Everyone

Afrimax extraordinary story of A Man Who Spent 23 Years Playing With Kids Shocked Everyone. The is a real-life event and not a make-up story as we can tell from the video on this post page. Allah(SWT) the most merciful is kind to all mankind and we should always be kind to ourselves and also learn helping hands to one another. We should learn to appreciate our existence in life, appreciate who we are and our present situation because many out there don’t have 2% of what we had.

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Sometimes we have to help others to help ourselves, we have to help people even though we know they can not pay us back.

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This clip is created by Aframax and they own 100% right to this content. It is our responsibility to share great contents with fellow Muslims and to every nuke of the world.

Help This Man To Man To Get A Wheelchair


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  1. Brenda Seager - Jul 9, 2021

    People like him is how a community survives. This is a long time he has giving of himself to care for these children. Everyone should do their best to provide something, even food. It is not unbelievable what he does, because watching this video is the proof. Hopefully some donations will come in to help him run his school rooms.

  2. Frank Adams Akii - Jul 9, 2021

    I dedicate this song “people like you” by gramps Morgan to u brother!!!🙏 God bless u

  3. simplex Ajola - Jul 9, 2021

    Every man has a mission this guy is mothan a hero

  4. Lorraine Foste Powell - Jul 9, 2021

    He deserve a heroic medal. He is a very rear human. He deserve a school and a shop a play centre and a clinic. He is amazing. He is a man of god own heart. The world need to come together and make this man a hero. He deserves a platform.

  5. Sizzles Diaries - Jul 9, 2021

    Tears of joy is what i have now! Bless you Mr Evaliste

  6. Africanadienne - Jul 9, 2021

    This guy understood the importance of early childhood education. I hope he find grants to create a proper early childhood center in his community.

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